Gratitude Journal – A Mindfulness Guide for Great Leadership (60 Days)


Do you know what Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Simon Sinek, and Brene Brown all have in common? 

These highly successful celebrities, leaders and champions are all consciously practising gratitude. 


Because practising gratitude can improve your self-awareness, happiness, mental health and physical health, leadership skills, relationship with yourself and others, and reduce stress so you can focus on what you truly desire and achieve what you want in life.

So if you :

  • Enjoy combining daily gratitude, mindfulness exercises and goal setting to feel mindful and inspired throughout your day?
  • Love the concept of writing in gratitude journals daily?
  • Enjoy reading inspirational quotes, mindfulness suggestions and leadership tips to make you feel empowered?
  • Love a journal guide that can help you be a greater leader every day?
  • Want to increase your happiness, health, reduce stress and achieve what you want? 

Then this Gratitude Journal is a wonderful and inspirational gift for yourself, your clients, teams, friends and your family, or those who love to journal.

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Multi Award-Winning Leadership & Mindset Strategist Iris Du launches her new Gratitude Journal – A Mindfulness Guide for Great Leadership. 

This Gratitude Journal is the best place to share three things you are grateful for each day, along with your daily affirmation, reflection, goal, and attention setting to help you focus the next day with a great smile.

It has easy-to-follow daily reflection, weekly mindfulness and leadership-guided exercises to support you in becoming a greater version and leader every day.


Who is this Gratitude Journal and Mindfulness Guide Perfect For?

  • Leaders who love inspirational gratitude journals and take action every day.
  • Aspiring leaders who love to practice gratitude, mindfulness, and goal-setting to become even greater leaders.
  • Professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, and managers interested in personal growth, mental health, leadership, and spiritual wellness.
  • Busy individuals who would like to spend only a few minutes on daily questions and weekly or monthly exercises. You choose how much time you spend on this journal.


If you are looking for a gratitude journal and mindfulness guide, then this 6” x 9”, 60-day Gratitude Journal – A Mindfulness Guide for Great Leadership may be exactly what you are looking for. It’s the perfect journal size to take anywhere with you!

*Please note this gratitude journal contains black and white inside pages.


Additional information

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Dimensions50 × 20 × 10 cm