Our Vision and Mission

Our passion is to help you find, create, develop and attract what you want in business, career and life.

Our Founders are Leadership and Manifestation Strategist, Iris Du and Business, HR & Career Strategist, Thai Ngo.

We are a people first organisation that focuses on bringing out the best in people.

Our vision and mission helps us create impact and change in lives, teams, businesses and organisations.



We identify and attract opportunities

We learn, implement and transform

We focus on solutions not problems

We celebrate wins big and small

We are personable and professional

At You Want Group we help businesses, leaders and individuals find and develop the success they desire through expert leadership coaching, human resources guidance, and personal and professional goal setting.

Led by leadership strategist and human behaviour expert Iris Du in partnership with Business, HR & Career strategist Thai Ngo, our mission is to empower businesses, organisations and individuals for success both personally and professionally.

With the mantra ‘Grow the business you want, find the career you want, be the leader you want, develop the people you want, and attract the life you want’, we focus on these main areas: careers, recruiting, leadership, team development, business development and life attraction strategies including personal goal setting and visualisation.

They work with a wide variety of clients including those seeking a new career, businesses looking to develop leaders and build their team, and individuals seeking to hone their life direction and attract the lifestyle they desire.

The You Want Group draws on the decades of experience that both Iris and Thai have enjoyed in the corporate world.

Meet Iris

Iris Du is a leadership strategist and a human behaviour expert who thrives on helping individuals, leaders and businesses achieve the success they deserve.

Drawing on leadership, attraction and manifestation strategies, Iris works with organisations to help them leverage their natural talent to create highly engaged and high performing leaders and teams.

Her mission is to help leaders and individuals attain the life they desire and enjoy the success they deserve.

Meet Thai

As a Strategist in Business, HR and Career, Thai Ngo has worked with some of the biggest businesses in Australia to help people fulfil their professional potential. He also helped businesses to improve sales results, streamline performance and develop the best talents.

Thai firmly believes that the biggest barrier to success is often ourselves, but with the right guidance and the right perspective, that barrier can be overcome.

He works with businesses, leaders and individuals to tap into their existing talent to create the professional and personal life they desire and grow their business to where they want to be.

Social Impact

Why is this so important to us?

As a part of You Want Group, we are passionate about making a positive impact in the world.

All B1G1 projects are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals provided by the UN, which are an important piece of the puzzle to achieving a better future.
Our primary focus has been on helping to provide quality education to those that need it most.

We believe that a good education is one of the most important factors in improving people’s lives, and that is something that EVERYBODY deserves – not just those who can afford it.

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