Attract the life you want

Harnessing a combination of eastern and western philosophies, we are here to help you define, map out, and achieve the life you want and the success you deserve.

We use visualisaton and manifestation strategies, complemented by goal setting and planning, to help you define your future and set you on the path to success.

Attraction Coaching

Drawing on eastern and western philosophies, understand how you can attract the life you want courtesy of coaching that helps you clearly define and visualise where you want to be.

Goal Setting Coaching

Goal setting allows you to map the path to the future you desire. We assist you with proven strategies that help define your goals and take the steps required to attain them.

Chinese Metaphysics

Tap into the ancient power of Chinese metaphysics to understand and map out your path to the life you desire and the success you truly deserve.

Attraction Courses

Our attraction courses are designed to introduce you to both eastern and western philosophies that you can utilise to visualise and have the life you want.

Attraction Specialist Iris Du

Iris Du is a leadership strategist and a human behaviour expert who thrives on helping individuals, leaders and businesses achieve the success they deserve.

Drawing on leadership, attraction and manifestation strategies, Iris works with organisations to help them leverage their natural talent to create highly engaged and high performing leaders and teams.

Iris has made a great impact on my personal and professional development. As a transformational leader, she has helped me gain a better understanding of my identity and natural talents, and how to leverage my strengths to attract opportunities.

Emma Linh Hoang

Brand Insight Analyst, Restive Creatives

I have known Iris both personally and professionally for some time now. She is warm, encouraging, able to think quickly and outside the box and puts you at ease in every aspect. She is generous and heart felt in her attention to detail and desire for you to reach your goals.

Lisa Hester

Founder, Lisa Hester Coaching

Bringing a balance of spiritual and practical advice, I learnt so much in a quick session to gain great insight into hurdles and actionable tips I could implement straight away. I’m excited to learn more from Iris about Feng Shui Qimen Manifestation, and you should too!

Marlene Cole

Career Storyteller, New Generation Careers

I would highly recommend Iris’s coaching as it has had a profound impact in my life and career. It showed a new perspective and I was able to further advance in my professional journey. With her humble personality and persistent approach, Iris makes sure to bring out the best version of yourself.

Flavia Kola

Learning and Development Coordinator, REA Group

Your True Inspiration

Your True Inspiration

When I sat down to write this article, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the current global crisis that we’re up against.   In such trying times, it is a challenge to find the motivation to put that aside and find the concentration to hit the screen and do the...

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