When I sat down to write this article, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the current global crisis that we’re up against.


In such trying times, it is a challenge to find the motivation to put that aside and find the concentration to hit the screen and do the job.

And it struck me that often when we dream for success, we seem to have a vision of what we want to achieve. It could be the money you want to make or the promotion you’ve been waiting on. Or freedom and happiness. Success is subjective. And often when we dream of this abundance, we feel so pumped and motivated, but three days into working for it, we’re finding excuses to not work for it at all. Leading to excuses and disappointments and sabotaging of our dreams.

So often people have so many dreams they want to achieve and yet they are not willing to do what it takes to get there. You get distracted by the riches and the shiny short cuts. And you look at other people and go down a spiral of why I am not good enough, when in reality, you know you’re good enough, you’ve seen the dream, you have a vision, you have a goal, you know how to get there. But you’re not willing to put in the effort, the discipline, the sacrifice it takes, to get there.

A classic example is all gym memberships go up around the beginning of the year, because we all think that we are going to hit the gym and achieve our fitness goal, whether we try to lose weight, build our muscles or be stronger. Come end of January, we’re locked in an annual gym contract with zero motivation to go and go on about our lives and wonder why nothing has been achieved.

That’s why we don’t need more motivation, we need Inspiration. So we can be inspired from within and get things done.

First and foremost, identify the problem.

Write down, on a paper, everything you want to achieve, all your goals. Just a list one below the other.

Now, on a scale of one to ten, rate them on how likely you believe in yourself to achieve them, if you were to start today. With zero being less likely and ten being more likely.

This will help you analyse where you are in life right now and what goals you believe you could achieve. There is no point for you to put it if you don’t even believe it. For e.g. one of your goals could be Finding a new career, getting a promotion etc. you rate it 8, then you are already inspiration for it, you just got to start and continue with discipline.

But if changing careers is rated 3 on your goals list, then you’re not ready for it, it will be that much harder for you to achieve it.
It’s easier to go for the low hanging fruit and achieve as you go. It keeps you motivated, inspired and on your toes for the next challenge.

“Motivation is like a drug, you need it to get started and keep at it, but inspiration, give your purpose and the determination to persevere. Inspiration inspires you from within. You then do what you love and love what you do. ”

Next, Mind the Language

Observe the conversation you have with people around you, pay attention to the words you use. Your words become your reality, if you keep saying the things that negatively impact you, you’ll be in a negative headspace. For e.g. I don’t use the word ‘expensive’, because then, you put your value under the value of a material object. And it’s tough to get out of that circle. I say, ‘it’s not worth it’ or I ask myself ‘how can I afford it?’ Or even in a tough situation, I don’t say that ‘its’ so bad/hard’, I say that it’s ‘challenging’.

It sets you up for a challenge instead of making you feel like you’re not good enough or don’t deserve it.


Finally, your software needs an update

If you approach your challenges with the attitude of ‘know it all’, you’ll never learn anything. And to learn, your cup needs to be empty, so you can fill it up as you go by investing in yourself and maintaining a student mindset. Coronavirus indeed gives us an opportunity to upskill ourselves whether it is reading books, listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Watching youtube and videos.or online courses. do whatever it takes to understand yourself . We all have different learning styles. Video works for some, audio for some even taking notes. Do whatever it takes to understand your strengths and challenges. And find relevant information or mentors for any challenges you have. The better you learn, the faster you achieve. You need to upgrade your software to stay in the game.

I hope some of this article helps you get started with your goals. I hope you aim for the stars and accomplish them.

Tell me in the comments below how you keep yourself inspired?  


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