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As a business, HR and career strategist, Thai Ngo has worked with some of the biggest businesses in Australia to help people fulfil their professional potential.

Thai has 15 years of experience helping people and businesses succeed.  His impressive reputation includes successfully conducting more than 10,000 interviews on behalf of companies like Telstra, ANZ, REA Group, Exxon Mobile and Foxtel. Thai has read over 500,000 resumes, gaining a unique perspective on what it takes to achieve career and life success.  He is a sought-after business strategist advising some of Australia’s largest companies on strategy building, branding, human capital investment, talent acquisition and operational optimisation.  

People Power is his passion

Thai firmly believes that the biggest barrier to success is often ourselves, but with the right guidance and the right perspective, that barrier can be overcome. 

He enjoys nothing more than working with individuals to help them push their boundaries and upgrade their life by upgrading their career.

As a leading business strategist, Thai works closely with organisations such as Restive Group and Mission Grow Advisors to identify their unique strengths to grow people and profits.  Thai’s particular area of expertise is in talent acquisition – helping top companies find and retain their best talents.  His insights in managing teams and building strong brands are valuable to any organisation that wants to succeed.  

Working with leaders and individuals, Thai uses his unique ability to help them tap into their existing talents to create the professional and personal life they desire.  Thai mentors Australian National University and Monash University business graduates.  He regularly speaks at business events organised by some of Australia’s leading universities including The University of Melbourne, Deakin Univesity, Swinburne University, RMIT, and Victoria University of Technology (VUT).   

His Mission is to help you & your people be the best

After working with some of the biggest businesses and most successful leaders in Australia, Thai Ngo believes the biggest barrier to professional success is often ourselves.

His mission is to help people and businesses tap into their true potentials to find the success they deserve.

Wisdom from Thai

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