The Career Leader Program

Developing Your Employees to Become Leaders

Why Choose Our Career Leader Program?

At You Want Group, our training is designed to develop your employees to adapt quickly and thrive in any environment and become a highly effective leader.

Meet our Leadership and Career Strategists

Helping businesses develop leaders and build their team.

Iris Du

Iris Du is a multi-award-winning leadership strategist, motivational speaker, best-selling author and human behaviour expert who thrives on helping individuals, leaders and businesses achieve the success they

Drawing on leadership, attraction and manifestation strategies, Iris works with organisations to help them leverage their natural talent to create highly engaged and high performing leaders and teams.

Her mission is to help leaders and individuals attain the life they desire and enjoy the success they deserve.

Thai Ngo

As a Strategist in Business, HR and Career, Thai Ngo has worked with some of the biggest businesses in Australia to help people fulfil their professional potential. He also helped businesses to improve sales results, streamline performance and develop the best talents.

Thai firmly believes that the biggest barrier to success is often ourselves, but with the right guidance and the right
perspective, that barrier can be overcome.

He works with businesses, leaders and individuals to tap into their existing talent to create the professional and
personal life they desire and grow their business to where they want to be.

You Want Group

helps you create the strategy to maximise your result and live the life you want​

Using our proven processes we identify your environment, refocus and create strategies to achieve your goals.

Identifying your strengths, challenges and opportunities we show you the path to your success.

Transforming your ideas, behaviours and mindset we help you establish goals and strategies to move you forward.​

Helping people transform their lives is our success.​


“Over the past few months, my team and I have been working with Iris to identify our professional strengths and develop strategies for maximising them in my company. I have noticed a dramatic change in the way we approach our work after having our sessions with Iris. It has been a rewarding experience and I cannot recommend her enough.”


Kerry Anne Nelson

Operation Verve

“My career was stagnating until I met Thai Ngo and Iris Du of You Want Group. Iris and Thai helped me understand the value I bring to the business environment. The coaching transformed the way I thought about my career.”


Jim Farrer

Managing Director
COINS Australia

“The best thing that you and your team has done for me was to get me to the right mindset. You and your team have given me new perspectives that I have not seen before.”


Ryan Bulan

Engagement Manager

“Iris is a committed leader. She has given me advice for the past years and has helped me to be a better leader for my team. Iris is very passionate about what she does, and her guidance is on point. Having her support has helped my agency deliver better care towards my team and improve my training skills.”


Angel Cindy

Restive Group

“After a few sessions with Iris I was able to delve much deeper into understanding my own personality and the drivers that make me successful. She helped me identify how to optimise my performance by helping me identify the ideal team to compliment my strengths and weaknesses. She has a gift for helping you dig deep.”


Leah Tran

Associate Director

“Iris Du’s Coaching on our leadership team was a real eye opener. After profiling our team Iris was able to identify strengths, suitability and define the difference between being capable and excelling in our natural strengths. It was enjoyable, practical and provided a framework to help with identifying the right role and the right person.”


Phillip Nguyen

CAZ Capita

“Personalised and expert advice that is tailored to your needs. They will support and push you until you reach what you want.”


Malar Ashok

Senior Business Analyst
Yarra Valley Water

“Thanks to your team for your influence, compassion and determination to lead me to the happiness and success I experience today.”


Kate McDowall

Head of Operations
Crestone Wealth Management

Learn all the qualities of a great leader.

Our leadership course is designed to uncover each leader’s natural talents and strengths to instill the leadership skills required for today’s corporate landscape.

We help you create the strategy to maximise results and live the life you want.

Program Benefits​

Our leadership coaching programs foster the self-awareness that helps you define your personal strengths and leadership style, providing you with a suite of skills to make your leadership potential a reality because we understand the qualities that makes a great leader.​

Build a foundation of knowledge for success in a leadership role.

Deliver constructive feedback in a way that empowers your team.​

Learn how to engage more effectively with your team.​

Discover strategies for better planning, goal setting and outlining work objectives.​

This program will help you unlock the following:


Business Communication and Performance

We develop your employees to be seen as the experts by linking their role to the business needs and what are the important drivers of the business.

In this session your team learning objectives are:​

  • Understand and use the appropriate language for better leadership
  • Develop a winning formula to create impressive results, fast
  • Discover tools to develop a culture of increased communication and productivity


Talent Zones – Our
Different Working Styles

We help your employees learn about different working styles and personalities. They will engage others more effectively and create better relationships by understanding their own, their team’s, and stakeholders’ working styles.​

In this session your team learning objectives are:​

  • Understand the working styles of yourself and your team

  • Discover how to identify and maximise your own workflow

  • Understand why you engage with some aspects of work and struggle with others


Presentation Skills

Whether it’s running meetings or presenting back to an audience, we train your leaders to present their message and findings with clarity and confidence.​

In this session your team learning objectives are:​

  • Simplify complex messages to be easily understood

  • Engage and empower your audience

  • Discover how to create highly compelling content 


Effective Communication and Feedback

We build the skills to have highly effective 2-way communication for your leaders by training on effective questions to ask and how to deliver their message for results.​

In this session your team learning objectives are:​

  • Understand quality questioning techniques

  • Be able to devise quality questions to best suit your work style

  • Know how to lead your team in effective questioning techniques

Leader Program

Price + GST per person


10+ attendees


Between 6-10 attendees

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