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Over the past few months, my team and I have been working with Iris to identify our professional strengths and develop strategies for maximising them in my company. I have noticed a dramatic change in the way we approach our work after having our sessions with Iris. It has been a rewarding experience and I cannot recommend her enough.
Kerry Anne Nelson

Director , Operation Verve

Iris Du’s Coaching on our leadership team was a real eye opener. After profiling our team Iris was able to identify strengths, suitability and define the difference between being capable and excelling in our natural strengths. It was enjoyable, practical and provided a framework to help with identifying the right role and the right person.

Phillip Nguyen

President, CAZ Capital

Iris’ coaching provided me with a much clearer insight into myself that has helped me build healthier and happier personal relationships with my team, my friends and my loved ones. If you are looking for a great coach who is clear, straightforward and a cut above the rest, then I would definitely recommend Iris.

Abbas Din

Director and Principle Osteopath, Doctors of Osteo

Iris’ skills in marketing strategy and group management is impressive when I started to become aware of the depth of her qualifications and business experience. She is one immensely talented, dedicated, driven and passionate business woman, who always has a surprise up her sleeve and something valuable to say.

Rod Turner

Manager, Our Place Melbourne

Iris’ coaching was imperative to growing our business as we became more aware of our strengths and weaknesses and understood where to put our energies to produce more quality results. However, this tool is not just valuable to businesses but also to anyone who wants to achieve that next level in their lives.

Bec Truong

Co Founder , Beckim Homes

Iris is so patient and always encourages me to step out of my comfort zone, she teaches me many things that are not only practical in my career but also in my daily life. Iris can inspire your energy when you even don’t notice and you will become a better person with her help.

Qiannan Chang

Student, Monash University

Leah T
Associate Director Financial Services Risk and Compliance, KPMG
“After a few sessions with Iris I was able to delve much deeper into understanding my own personality and the drivers that make me successful. She helped me identify how to optimise my performance by helping me identify the ideal team to compliment my strengths and weaknesses. She has a gift for helping you dig deep.”

With Iris’ coaching I was able to grow my business in a much more empowered approach with a far better network of trusted peers. Iris is a passionate team leader with some great tips to growing a motivated and purpose-driven team. I credit Iris’s amazing energy and enthusiasm in guiding me through a rough patch.

Woon Tan

Founder , Podcast Publishing

Iris has a unique gift for helping you delve deep into a better understanding of yourself. How and why you think the way you do. Your behaviour, reactions and actions. I highly recommend Iris especially if you are looking at creating a dynamic, cohesive team whether in work, business or personal life.

Lan Cao

Lead Product Trainer, Health & Wellness

Iris has been a great mentor and leader who helped me understand my potential and improve my skills. With her training and support, I’ve come to understand my strengths and I am able to work outside of my comfort zone to achieve great new heights. Iris has given me endless opportunities and I’m forever thankful. I recommend working with her to grow professionally and personally with a positive mindset.

Sonia Nambiar

Digital Associate, Essence

Iris has been a great mentor who helped me improve my skills and get a professional mindset. Thanks to her training I could understand what my professional strengths are and what skills to focus on to pursue a career in my field of study.

Barbara Rico

Account Success Manager, Deliveroo

Iris is an inspiring and supporting mentor who spreads positive vibes always. She always encourages people to get out of their comfort zone and shine. Through her coaching sessions, I found the optimal way to polish these strengths, as well as boost my leadership and interpersonal skills.

Julia Nguyen

Tax and Business Advisor, ADV Partners Chartered Accountants

Iris always believed in my capabilities and trusted me to complete each task while teaching me different leadership mechanisms; how to review the team’s performance and how to ensure the team are reaching their full potential. Iris says that failure is just feedback and always ensures she works closely on feedback to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Ishina Sakhrani

Senior Client Executive, PRecious Communications

Iris has helped me to change my mindset in order to get the desired results I seek. Her support is not only in a professional level but also in a personal level that has been really helpful, as she has helped guide me through this mentorship and my leadership experience.
Jaime Moreno

Digital Designer & Brand Specialist, Freelance

Iris brought the best out of me by teaching me how to overcome my challenges and constantly showing me what I am truly capable of. Her talent dynamics program has helped me to better understand my strengths and values, and how to use these to communicate to people effectively.

Farhan Fiyoga

Corporate Development, PT Sejahtera Tridaya Prima

Everyone needs a little guidance to walk onto the right path. Iris’s help with the talent dynamics and coaching helped me understand my true potential and pushed me in the right direction in my career path. I have so much clarity and I’m confident of what I’m doing and where I’d like to be.
Srishti Tripathi

Customer Settlements Officer, ANZ

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