It’s true, a crisis forges leadership.  But you don’t need a crisis to act as a leader.  If you are used to leading one way and that way is no longer working, it is time to hit the ‘Reset’ button and start again.

My new  #1 Amazon Bestseller book ‘Great Leadership Starts with You – Be the Leader You Want to Be’ is a step-by-step guide filled with practical advice, mindset strategies and leadership hacks to help you achieve your leadership goals and be the leader you want to be. 

Here are some ideas from the book:

Develop a vision

Turn your dreams and wishes into a vision.  Think of what type of leader you want to be.  Then come up with a plan of action. When planning, a proven method like SMART goals still works so don’t be too quick to write it off just because it’s being used for decades. 

Find the GAPS

Look for the stumbling blocks that can prevent you from achieving your leadership goals and commit to resolving them. Maybe you need better communication skills? Maybe you need a confidence booster? Maybe you need to develop self-awareness?  Whatever the GAP is, you can fill it up. 

Be your authentic self

Learn to lead from within.  Be honest with yourself.  Reflect on your actions, feelings and motives and learn to set standards for yourself.  Use these standards as guidelines on how to overcome challenges.  Stay positive and don’t let roadblocks and detours prevent you from completing your journey to great leadership. 

You might ask, can I reset my personal goals? Definitely!  Leadership is not just for the workplace. You can be a leader in other areas of your life too. Remember, what happens to you personally affects what you do professionally.  RESET, NOT RESENT.  Don’t become bitter and twisted because life is dealing you lemons.  Find the inner strength, press RESET and START AGAIN because you can. Buy Amazon #1 Best Seller ‘Great Leadership Starts with You – Be the Leader You Want to Be here.

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