Last year was a challenging year for many of us. Like many Melbourne businesses, we went through a period of uncertainty and stress.  We were fortunate to have survived.  A lot of it had to do with us having to adjust our mindset to a new way of thinking and working. Many of us are still reeling from the shock of last year let alone the thought of having to deal with a new reality where we may have to live with COVID.  So, I want to write about resilience this week.  Life with COVID is going to be filled with roadblocks and detours.  Some of them may seek to derail you but I believe that all of them can be overcome by being resilient.  If you have true grit you can rise against the odds.     

I feel so blessed to be able to share my story with you this week.  I came to Australia as a teenager and it has been an incredible journey for me to beat the odds and find success in my life.  I did it and I know you can do it too.  

What resilience is

I believe resilience is important for success.  The difficulties we face in life do not have to become events to endure.  We can use the power of our inner resolve to turn these challenges into opportunities to learn, to improve and to be better.  I believe that there are lessons to be learned at every phase of our life.  If we adopt a positive outlook in life, we can find the silver lining even in the darkest storm.  Remember that every emotion and feeling we experience whether happy or sad becomes another droplet of knowledge in our reservoir of strength that we can draw upon when we need it.  That is resilience. It is the stuff that motivates you to strive for your dreams.  If you have resilience, you develop the power to manifest and attract success into your life. 

Resilience is the capacity to overcome emotional and mental roadblocks.  It is the ability to survive adversity, threats, trauma, and other stresses.  It is the ability to bounce back stronger and better.  Whether it’s losing someone or something you loved, being bullied, or abused, being made redundant, coping with sickness and mental illness, or being in a life-changing accident. 

Who says life is perfect?  Life is full of ups and downs.  Remember the proverbial phrase: When life throws you lemons, make lemonade? The truth is if you are confronted by too many lemons, it becomes hard to make lemonade.  So, I ask why not take this a step further?  Let’s control the number of lemonades life throws at you. That way we can decide on how much lemonade to make and when we want to make them. 

What resilience is not

Resilience is not a trait that only certain people are born with.  It’s not a DNA thing.  It’s a set of beliefs, actions, and behaviours that anyone can learn.  There are many aspects of your life you can control, modify, or improve.  That is resilience.

Elements of resilience

Three elements are essential to resilience.  These are:


If you can view difficulties and setbacks as challenges, you are on track to harnessing the power of manifestation and attraction.  Challenges are not insurmountable odds.  They are a call to you to participate in a show of strength or ability.  It is something that can be defeated. It is something you can win at.  So how about it?  Want to take on the challenge to achieve your life’s goals and manifest a better life for yourself?  Ready to attract success into your life?

Several years ago, I was involved in a serious car accident.  Our car was damaged but Thai (my partner) and I escaped with minor scratches.  For weeks after that, I could not drive a car.  I was so shaken by the accident I could not feel safe inside a car anymore.  It was only after I re-evaluated the situation and started looking at it from a different perspective that I regained my confidence.  Instead of focusing on fear, I focused on my thankfulness that Thai and I were alive. 

Try channelling difficulties and setbacks into challenges that can be overcome.  Unfortunately, our brains are wired to look at a worst-case scenario.  So, it’s up to us to change focus and redirect it into the positive.  If you can do this, you are on your way to manifesting your own success. 


Commitment is not just a word; it is actual action. It is the magic sauce that turns dreams and wishes into reality.  If you were sitting for an exam, you have to put in the hard yards to pass it, right? If you were an athlete, you need to train to excel.  That’s a commitment – putting feelings into genuine action to deliver the outcomes you want.  Here’s the thing. Commitment is not procrastination. Nor is it a side gig.  If you want to achieve your goals, try manifesting the behaviours that make you successful.  You don’t do it randomly or when it suits you. You do it all the time. You live it.  That’s commitment.

Our earliest workshops were a complete disaster.  In one of our business networking events, we received 30 expressions of interest.  We thought all 30 would show up. 5 people came and 3 of the 5 were friends who had come to support us.  One walked out in the middle of the event!  That left us with 1 participant and 3 friends.  We soon realised that we were not doing it right.  Neither of us had any clue how to run a business profitably.  We needed to learn the tools of the trade.  We needed to know what we were doing wrong, so we decided to conduct debriefs of every session we conducted.  It took us nearly two years of single-minded focus and commitment to become successful.  Those two years were tough, but we stayed the course.  We never once gave up.  Now we run popular workshops that are booked months in advance.  Commitment and focus got us there.  It can get you where you want to be too. 

Personal Control

Channel your energy into what you have control over, not what you have no control over, and you are more likely to achieve the outcomes you desire.  Put your effort into the areas you know will deliver the best results and you are in a better position to take charge of your destiny.    

I am a manifestation and leadership strategist, mentor, and coach. For many years, I have been helping others create strategies to maximise the results and find success whether it’s personal or professional.  This year, I reached the pinnacle of my career even during Covid. Aside from winning the Gold Stevie Award for Female Executive of the Year, two silver awards for Mentor or Coach of the Year and Woman of the Year, I also become a #1 Amazon best-selling author within the same month. Do I think I’ve learned and achieved everything?  No.  Because I truly believe that we as humans have so much potential to be more than what we are.  We have the power to attract success into our lives and to make our dreams come true.  So let’s begin this wonderful journey of self-discovery together.  

Resilience is the beacon that lights up the path to success. It helps you to reflect on what you have to do or give up in order to achieve your dreams.   It is the guiding principle that helps us work harder towards what we want in life. If you are resilient, you shine a bright and bold light on your dreams.  Your dreams become your vision. You realise that dreams are not wishful thinking but attainable goals.  Once you reach that realisation it becomes easier for you to build resilience or grit.  You start believing that your dreams can come true and you work towards achieving this reality. 

My new book Great Leadership Starts with You. Be the Leader You Want to Be’ is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon Book.  It discusses manifestation and the law of attraction.  If you are serious about inviting success into your life, please read the book. 

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