“Manifest” is a buzzword nowadays; everyone talks about it no matter the platform. You may be wondering, how can we accomplish something just by thinking? This is because of the magnetic power of your thoughts.

What you believe is what you become and what you receive.

Manifestation carries the idea of achieving your dreams by belief, clarity and attraction. It is a self-help practice that guides you to achieve your dreams through positive thinking and clarity in one’s mind.

Perhaps you have tried to manifest through viral techniques, but it is a little complicated as it requires understanding yourself and the law of attraction. That is where energies, time and habits have to invest. In a nutshell, we can explain this as,

It’s not just about accomplishing your dreams, but it’s also about spending your energies to do it.

In this journey to manifest your life and goals, here are five highly effective things that you must know.           

1. Identify the negative thoughts.

We all have that inner voice that loves telling us that we have limited potential and why we can’t do certain things. However, our great mind manages to keep us at peace and maintain our comfort, but that inner critic made us such a victim whose life is full of self-criticism, inwardness, self-denial and a retreat from goal-directed activities. We all know that our energies are mostly burnt while dealing with these negative thoughts daily.

To identify negative thoughts, one must spend some time for daily check-ups and find out what energies you have absorbed today, how you are feeling, what you need, and did you react differently today. If yes, then why? Then identify those thoughts that positively affect you, those better serve your peace and positively impact your personality. And replace the negative thinking with that one.

Except for this, to analyse the patterns of your thoughts, you can make a journal where you can jot down or save them on your phone. Eventually, through this technique, you write your subconscious to the elevated patterns to work through the blockages.

2. Meditate

As we have discussed above, if you want to manifest your life and goals, it is important to have great insight into yourself, and in this journey, meditation is a great partner. In short, meditation is a great way to increase self-awareness, create calmness, reduce stress and anxiety, and helps to maintain focus on your goals.

According to Deepak Chopra, author, alternative medicine advocate, and wellness & meditation expert, Meditation is all about connecting with your soul. Part of maintaining your well-being is taking the time to disconnect from the outside to go within.

To successfully manifest your goals, you must be able to see, feel, believe, and embody your dreams as if you have already achieved them and also take action towards it. Meditation makes it easy to support you in your manifestation journey.

From walking meditation, apps and online coaches, you can find the one that feels good to you. And with connecting your mind and body, you can find a way to manifest your desired goal.

3. Work with positive affirmations:

Affirmations are compelling statements that tap into your conscious and unconscious mind to aid you in reaching your full potential. These affirmations not only allow you to challenge blockages and encounter your insecurities, but they shift your mindset to positive outcomes and successful manifestation.

Our subconscious plays an important role in our achievements and what we encounter in our daily lives. For example, if we believe that we are unlikely to be successful and accomplish a particular task; our minds will look for evidence that supports this thought. This is how our actions also become limited, making it difficult for us to manifest our life and goals.

According to Bob Proctor, a world-renowned speaker and law of attraction expert, “If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”

So, affirmations help us transform our beliefs, enhance our potential, increase trust in ourselves and skyrocket our manifestation.

There are multiple ways to work with these affirmations. You can choose whatever suits you the best to cement your personality with positivity. You can write them down, practice them aloud in front of a mirror or hang them in the place where you frequently see them. However, to find effective affirmations, you can also get our list and choose the best for you.

4. Use visualisation

Visualisation not just aids in mapping the activity, but it will also inspire you and give you the motivation to build habits that will help manifest your life and goals. Through visualisation, one can get clear on what they want, how to connect to your purpose, and embody your highest state. For example, to start your own business, you can visualize how it will feel after helping your VIP client resolve a significant problem. Or, if you have fitness goals, imagine the fantastic result and how great it feels after working out.

Thus, when you imagine these scenarios you manifest, you begin to see, feel, believe, and embody what it would be like to experience it. Therefore, we can also say that visualisation helps you to vibrate at the correct frequency to manifest your life and goals.

One of the objections to this daily visualizing approach is that it may result in disappointment, but this is not the case. Instead, this approach is sued to set up next-level results for the future, which eventually make you perform extraordinary in the present and ensure that you will lead to an amazing opportunity soon.

A couple of things to think about when visualising:

Results and opportunities can take many different forms. Knowing that your manifested development and the options you will attract into your life may differ from what you had initially planned for is perfectly fine because it contributes to what you want.

Another point to consider is that visualization works best when you concentrate. So instead of trying to visualise 200 things, why not try three things you want and focus on? Then, when you are more focused, you can identify and attract more opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

5. Practice journaling, gratitude, and letting go every day:

Do you know what the token of manifestation is? It is learning and having insight into the subconscious. Do you know why? This is because through this, you can understand what habits are beneficial and if there is something due to which you are sabotaging opportunities.

Journaling helps in building self-reflection and self-awareness, expressing gratitude, and manifesting your goals.

You don’t need to write a whole essay when journaling. If you are someone who doesn’t like writing as much, you can always use dot points. And if you find writing challenging, you can always use quotes and pictures to inspire you. Journaling is meant to be easy and enjoyable, and you look forward to it every day.

Practicing gratitude is part of your journaling. It is also a key that unlocks a lack mentality and attracts more opportunities in life. As daily inspired habits and actions bring you closer to your goal, gratitude helps you develop an appreciative mind-set and find happiness. As we know, a happy mind is fertile; listing things you are grateful for enriches you with a sense of satisfaction. 

Do you ever think about what will happen when you become attached to a particular outcome? You could not proceed in life and became limited to what you could have.

One way to practice surrender is to write out your goal or desire, and then underneath it, write out a few things that you can do in the present moment to help manifest that goal. For example, suppose your goal is to manifest freedom. In that case, whether it’s in terms of finances or time, something you can do in the present moment may be to make a list of things you could do with your time or money if you had more of it or talk to people who have already achieved a similar goal to get advice and ideas. But if you get too attached to an outcome, you will be hindered and unable to proceed in the journey. However, when you practice surrender, you let go of the fear that you will not get what you want, and instead, you will continue to work for what is meant for you. 

When you let go of attachment, you will find that you can manifest your goals and desires quicker because you are no longer holding yourself back with your passion. Instead, you are open to new possibilities and trust that what is meant for you will find you.


Manifestation is all about what you think and what you attract. The more you focus on your wants, the more you get them. So, if you want to manifest your life and goals, focus on these five things and see how effective they are. 

  1. Identify the negative thoughts
  2. Meditate
  3. Work with positive affirmations
  4. Use visualisation
  5. Practice journaling, gratitude and letting go every day

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